How to hide wapkiz footer ads 2022

Hello guys. Hope you are well. So guys, in this article I will share with you wapkiz footer ad hide code and show you how to hide wapkiz footer ad in new rules of 2022. So lets start the article. 

As you know, after creating a site in Wapkiz, Wapkiz's advertisement is spread on the footer of the site. Which affects the site a lot and destroys the original design of the site. So in this article I will show you, how to make your website beautiful and elegant by hiding that footer ad of Wapkiz. So let's get started.

How to hide wapkiz footer ads

Step 1. Log in to your Wapkiz account and click on the menu panel of the site you want to hide the footer ad.

Step 2. Then look at the footer text and click on the Edit text next to it.

Step 3. Then click on the dropdown menu as in the screenshot below and select Html / Tag Code. Then click on Go text on the right side.

Step 4. Now download the code to hide or remove the footer ad of Wapkiz from the link below. Once the file is downloaded, copy the code from there. 

Download wapkiz footer ad hide code 2021

Feature of this wapkiz footer ad hide code 

  • Html code
  • Using wapkiz tag code
  • No css
  • No javascript 
  • Fast loading 
  • Removes footer ad

Step 5. After following the step number three above you will see an interface like the screenshot below and a box there. Paste the copied code in that box. Then give the position at the end of all. Then click Oke.

Step 6. Now enter your website and see that the site is no longer showing any footer ads. And your site is looking now very pretty and elegant.

So this was the way to hide footer ad in Wapkiz. I hope you understand the above method. Thank you so much for being with me for so long. 

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